Have you seen a retail robot in action? If not, watch this!

Most people are aware of the factory robots that are involved with assembling, packing, or handling items before they reach retail stores. But over the past few years, due to advances in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, robots have evolved dramatically and can take on new applications outside of the factory with far greater variability in their environments. The retail industry in particular provides a challenging setting for robots, but we are already starting to see a surge in robotic applications in retail. The introduction of robots in retail, whether in the store or behind the scenes, promises to transform the retail industry forever.

In an impressive documentary titled “Ready for the Retail Robots?“, BBC Click takes its viewers through an immersive experience of how some retail robots are starting to change the way human employees work, shoppers purchase goods in stores, and sports broadcasters capture the best footage of a fast-paced basketball game for live streaming. I will highly recommend watching this documentary to get glimpse of what what the retail sector may look like in not so distant future.

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