Artificial intelligence could revolutionise the farming industry

The global population is set to reach 9.7 billion by 2050; and as a result, the challenge of producing enough food to meet human demand has never been greater. Feeding an ever growing population also requires efficient ways to maintain crops and animals. In more developed parts of the world, farmers are finding these efficiencies with the aid of modern technology. For example, a dairy farmer today can mount AI-powered cameras in the barns to monitor the cows. Over time, the cameras learn to recognise the cows individually (facial recognition!) and then continuously checks them for signs of disease or other issues. The AI also flags any changes in the eating habits or weight gains, so that the farmer can tend to the cows on demand, saving them time, money and energy.

Many researchers believe that by the year 2026, technology like the one above will be used in almost every aspect of farming. But what will that future really look like, and how will it change our farming communities? In this article, I present a collection of YouTube videos that capture some of the recent technological innovations in farming – that perhaps offer a glimpse of what the future of our farming industry may look like.

Aging farmers, labour shortages, strawberries and cows!

Sweeper the pepper picker!

Robots drive tractors, manage a field and pick fruits, vegetables and flowers (and a bit of Facebook)

The growing trend of vertical farming

The spraying drone

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