The AI hardware and software at the heart of a self-driving car

Around the middle of last month, Elon Musk dramatically twitted that: “On April 22, Investor Autonomy Day, Tesla will free investors from the tyranny of having to drive their own car”. Tesla live-streamed that event and made a video recording available on YouTube. Having just finished watching this video, I am blown away by the progress that Tesla has made in making that dream of a fully autonomous self-driving car a reality (not in the distant future, but in 2020!!). There is an incredible amount of AI hardware and software innovation that has gone in to make this possible, including using targeted video snippets collated from existing Tesla cars driving around the world for improving the predictions of the neural network that powers the self-driving software, to building a computer that does just one thing (and only one thing) very well – i.e. self-driving. So if you are interested in self-driving cars or AI in general, I will highly recommend watching this video.

Tesla Autonomy Day

Demo of a full self-driving Tesla!

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