DeepMind: Inside Google’s super-brain

DeepMind has attracted mixed headlines since Google paid £400 million for the AI startup in January 2014. DeepMind amazed the world when its AI programme AlphaGo beat world champion Lee Sedol at Go, an ancient and complex game of strategy and intuition which many believed could never be cracked by a machine. Since then, DeepMind has also been caught up in a controversy over its patient data-sharing arrangement with a London NHS Trust, which the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) deemed to be a breach the Data Protection Act.

But what exactly does DeepMind do? In a fascinating documentary titled “Google’s DeepMind Explained”, ColdFusion TV explains everything that you need to know about DeepMind in just 14 minutes. If you have an interest in AI, I will highly recommend watching this video.